Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A busy winter

It's been the busiest winter I remember. Winter for me is usually a quiet season.

But this year I've been getting a lot of casual teaching. I've taught at about 8 local schools now, mostly teaching K-2, but also some 3-6, Computers. and Art. These chilly mornings I've been jumping into the car around 8.10am, loaded up with coat, lunch and teaching supplies, and thankful for my fake fur-trimmed leather gloves to keep my fingers from going numb on the steering wheel. I drive to the school of the day and find my way around a new classroom, try to learn the names of the children, and their classroom routine. The next day I repeat it all, but in a different class (and possibly a different school!)

Last week I taught a couple of days of Music. It was so good to teach something I'm actually trained in. Usually I'm guessing my way through the day in a primary classroom, sometimes keeping just one step ahead of the class.

I do enjoy playground duty in the winter sun. This school's oval backs right on to the bush.

Last Monday I went into the city and met up with my parents and sister for my sister's birthday. This was looking up in the QVB.

There have been some outings with Emily to visit college open days. She's interested in Events Management and we have visited two small exclusive colleges to see what they have to offer.

They are both in amazing locations and gorgeous old buildings, which partly explains their rather exorbitant fees. Oh, how things have changed since I studied! I also studied in a beautiful old building in a stunning location (ie the Sydney Conservatorium in the Botanic Gardens) but my course fees were under $5000 in total, from memory. It looks like Emily could accumulate some significant debt in the next few years  .... so some big decisions ahead.

Emily has been working hard to get her art major work finished. I'm hoping I can show you some of her actual photos sometime, but here's a quick shot taken in our living room as she worked out proportions, packing and display volumes, etc., trying to ensure that she doesn't go over the allowed 1 cubic metre of space. She has done an amazing job but it has been pretty stressful for us both at this end. In two weeks she has her music performance, which involves both an accompanist and a saxophone quartet, so she's out rehearsing tonight for that.

So, what with teaching piano & recorder, casual teaching, shopping, cooking, assisting with Yr 12 stuff, my involvement in parish council and an 'orchestra' playing harp (!) for an upcoming performance ... life is pretty busy! However, I'm very thankful to God for the extra income and to have stayed mostly well during this time.

The thing I have enjoyed most this winter is escaping out of the house just before the sun goes down, and walking in our local neighbourhood, listening to podcasts. I've been enjoying listening to John Ortberg lately, whose talks are both thought-provoking and entertaining, and the walking, sunshine and fresh air always does wonders, even when I'm tired. I like to walk the same route each time, I don't ever get tired of it, something is always changing. This is a house with a flourishing cottage garden just around the corner from us, just at sunset. I've also enjoyed the cool weather, and feeling energetic in the cooler temperatures - it's been colder than other winters I remember, but mostly dry, perfect winter weather, in my opinion. 

How has your winter been?
Or perhaps your summer, depending where you live!