Monday, July 24, 2017

Introducing ...

... our new addition to the family, Cooper.

We brought Cooper home 10 days ago, and life will never be the same.

A few days in the country

My parents generously hosted a family holiday at a huge house in the country. Actually, it was only 40 minutes from our home, but in an area I've rarely been in. The house sleeps 24 people, but there were 16 of us, my parents, siblings, and all our children.

It was just what I needed after a frantic few months. I taught in my regular library job for 4 weeks this term then headed to another school to be a student teacher again for 6 weeks. When the holidays finally arrived, we did a big overhaul of our stuff for a week in anticipation of a new arrival.

So a change of scene and pace was much welcomed. We ate, walked, read, played sports, card games, piano, drew with chalk, and hung out by the firepit for 3 days and nights, and just generally enjoyed the serenity and being together. 

All good.