Thursday, January 21, 2016

Almost grownup

Emily turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. (How did this happen?) 
She is an absolute joy to us, and we are so proud of her.

We celebrated with a family dinner out on her birthday, plus a visit from grandparents, and gave her her choices of a Pandora bangle, and a pop-up soccer goal!

Last week Emily had her wisdom teeth out (plus two supernumerary teeth, 'cause she's extra special!). Her recovery has been pretty smooth, and she has coped with all that very well, but is looking forward to being able to chew properly again one day.

This year she's planning to study Events Management, she's in the process of finalising her course decisions now. 

And on Saturday we're throwing an 18th party! A garden party with all her girlfriends. So the Event Management skills are already being used. Of course there's a fair amount of events management needed by yours truly, and plenty of baking to do in the next 48 hours. We're just hoping for fine weather, and something cooler than today's temps of 38degC. Stay tuned!