Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Small Thing: an evening walk

After a day at home

(Laura is recovering)

I headed outside for an evening walk

when Steve got home.

Enjoying the clear blue sky

and the refreshing cool air.

A small thing that made a big difference.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Small Thing: more decluttering

Laura has been doing so well

with her school attendance,

and was at school every day for a week,

(half-days, that is)

until this morning when she was sick

after feeling funny all night.

So she has had a day on the sofa

watching movies

and I have been most productive.

turning into hours of decluttering!

I started in the craft room 

with the aim of sorting just one shelf,

through old craft magazines 

and project ideas.

After I'd culled some

I put the rest into into folders with pretty labels.

With some space gained I included some things 

previously stored in the study.

And that led to tidying the study!

More sorting through folders and papers

and rearranging sheetmusic.

Look at all that space!!

Which meant that I had room at last

to play some harp just now.

I think the reason I haven't been playing much harp

is that I've been sitting right in the corner on the piano stool,

feeling cramped.

Now I can spread out and enjoy.

Much better!

Laura hasn't been sick again

and might start eating soon, btw

I was just about to say (for those of you 

kind enough to be concerned) that we are 

still unaffected by fire.

But just now I have heard sirens and have discovered

that there is an out of control fire

 a few minutes' drive away.

(Update 15mins later: 

now that fire's not even listed on the RFS website,

must be under control already!

Yey for firefighters!)

Elsewhere, many fires continue to burn, all over the state.

Praying for rain.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Small Thing : Beautiful Music

Today's small thing is beautiful music.

When we were on holidays in Tasmania in April

we came across Cary Lewincamp 

playing in the Salamanca Markets.

Moments later, we bought two of his CDs, 

(and have bought more since).

We also happened to hear him playing the following day

at an event at the Hobart Botanical Gardens,

and were privileged to have a good chat with him

about all things musical.

So when I listen to his beautiful guitar music,

not only do waves of rest and peace wash over me

but I also remember wandering off alone

to look at the cottage gardens,

and take inspiration for our garden,

all to the accompaniment of the very same music.


But besides those great memories,

 round here things just 

go better

when Cary's playing.

Monday, October 21, 2013

One Small Thing ... or maybe two

Today's small project

was to go through the china and glassware

in our sideboard.

I disposed of boxes

(from wedding gifts)

and gave away a few dishes and glasses

(not wedding gifts).

My mind is often on decluttering these days.

The other nice thing

was that I bought a hydrangea plant.

Photo to come.

Yesterday's red sun

due to the bushfires in the west.

Friday, October 18, 2013

One Small Thing

Now that my schooldays are half-days,

I've decided to aim for

One Small Thing.




 activity, project, or moment,

just for me.

(Which might often happen to benefit

other people, also).

Today's small thing?

Planting pink happiness.


A diagnosis of sorts, at last.

Chronic headaches.

Cause: unknown.

A cycle of pain and other symptoms

which the brain needs to unlearn.

Recovery begins

with half-days at school,

medications for pain and sleep,

some talking and learning,

some sunshine

and some friends.


A time of learning and changes 

for us all.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bushfire weather

Smoke to the west
A day of high winds and heat,

and more terrible bushfires,

thankfully nowhere near us.

But just going outdoors was a risk

with such strong winds and flying branches.

Smoke to the south
By 3.30pm smoke had reached us from the Blue Mountains, 

and we had lost power,

... all of which made piano teaching interesting.

How to light a piano 

in the darkest corner of the house

when the light outside is 

orange, then green, then brown?

I experimented all afternoon with 

a torch, mirrors, and candles,

finally remembering a gig light Steve has

which did the job, just as the dark really closed in.

The power finally came back on,

just as I finished teaching!

Driving Laura to ballet soon after,

we saw that the light outside had changed from

orange to magnesium white.

Outside the local fire station

were multiple firetrucks and firefighters.

And I think of the residents and firefighters

around the state fighting to save lives and property.

At 6.30, the winds  died down, 

and the sun burst through, 

and the day finished with a vivid sunset.

Strange spring weather, indeed.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

International Fleet Review

On Sunday Steve was playing in a chamber concert at Kirribilli

so we girls took a trip to Darling Harbour 

while he was rehearsing.

We hoped to see some of the tall ships and warships

berthed there, following the big celebrations on Saturday

(which we only saw on TV)

Just as we arrived, this tall ship came in,

back from a harbour cruise.

Perfect timing.

We started walking, but it was 

oh. so. hot



So many people,

walking so slowly,

with so many strollers and toddlers,

and not a breath of wind.

Laura feels hot all the time,

so she was really struggling.

Just as we thought we couldn't take anymore,

we came upon a ferry wharf,

and were able to board a free ferry within minutes,

after enjoying being on the shady wharf.

Suddenly the afternoon went from 

disastrous to perfect.

Shade, a cool breeze, views 

and close-ups of the ships we wanted to see!


Amazing clouds.

The ferry went via Balmain

and dropped us off at Luna Park,

just near Kirribilli!

We wandered slowly around the harbour edge

stopped for iceblocks, 

and walked up to the Neighbourhood Centre,

where there was some great yarn-bombing

and a brilliant performance by Steve & co.

As we left we enjoyed the first night of daylight savings.

A long trip home, with train delays and more,

but home again

and a public holiday the next day, to recover!