Thursday, March 27, 2014


A picnic to celebrate Steve's birthday.
Sunday after church I threw together some coleslaw
and we chopped up a BBQ chicken
and headed to the nearby national park.
Good to get outdoors for a few hours,
but oh, such muggy weather.

It was especially good to get out,
considering that a few days earlier we'd been contemplating this:

and expecting some of this:

On Tuesday night Laura's tummy erupted in spots.
We visited the doctor, and then 
cancelled everything for the next few days.
But by Saturday morning we realised that the spots
were not spreading, or getting crusty, or itchy.
In fact, they were fading and disappearing.

So, someone in particular was very happy to 
resume normal life after a few days of isolation.

What's been happening in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday morning op shopping

While Laura was iceskating and Steve rehearising,
Emily and I went op-shopping.
Looking for a long, flowing white dress
for a photography project for Emily.
Alas, we didn't find a dress, but we did find
one 1/2 price sale, and one 20c book sale!

These books cost me $2.60 in total!

These ones for Emily not so cheap, $12.50 total

This one perhaps my favourite, for just 20c!

Love these tea cosies.

Fun and frivolous for 50c.

Looks like we've got lots of reading now, 
but Emily might have to change her photography plans ...

Also this morning I've been baking for church morning tea
and making egg sandwiches and am wrapping gifts
for our big family party, celebrating about 12 birthdays today.

I picked up some Alexander McCall Smith books for 50c too,
one for me and a few duplicates I'll pass on to someone else.

What are you doing this Saturday morning?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Round here, lately

Amazing skies, sunshine, and storms.

Cake and more cake:
Apple Sponge, Caramel Upside-Down Pear Cake
and Armenian Nutmeg Cake.

Some homework done.
Some homework not done.

A 60th birthday card (and envelope) made from old sheetmusic
with a sprinkling of butterflies.
(loving the SU! Envelope Punch Board)

The 60th birthday lunch with Steve's family, 
amidst lovely gardens and artwork
at Hazelhurst Gallery, in Gymea.

And much, much, more that the camera didn't see.

Monday, March 10, 2014


In the last week or so I've started walking again,
fitting in a walk in the evening (sometimes with Emily)
or in the mornings after the girls leave.
But this morning I put the alarm on and walked out before sunrise.
When I reached the oval there was the most beautiful sunrise.

Since then I've done the washing and the weekly grocery shopping 
and sat and rested for half an hour with morning tea, 
and still have energy to burn.
I've lost some weight over the last week
and am generally feeling less stressed and more healthy,
(although I do have headaches sometimes).

Am grateful for the fine weather
and hoping I can make this a habit again.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Morning Walk

Lovely to have some sunshine and free time
to enjoy walking around our local streets,
collecting garden inspiration and being amazed at clouds,
and then to come home, knowing that I have 
a whole day to myself.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It must be Thursday

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning
I pack for Thursday.
This was today's line-up.

From left to right: 
packed lunch (leftover corned beef & potatoes)
book (in case of spare time)
handbag (in need of decluttering)
running shoes (in case of spare time AND good weather)
recorder teaching bag (music, teaching aids, recorders)
bible study leading bag (bible, notes, morning tea)
harp music bag
2 big bags of library books to be returned 
(thankfully not part of every Thursday)

Then I go- go-go until 5.00pm, when I finish teaching piano and theory at home.
(no bag for that!)
It's busy, but (mostly) good.
Income, education, fellowship and job satisfaction
all rolled in.
And more free time on the other days of the week ;-)

What do you do on Thursdays?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reels, Rolls and Real Life

A rare night out at a real concert on Sunday.
Just the two of us.
A delicious Vietnamese dinner (loved the grilled beef rolls);
a bit of chatting with like-minded friends before the concert.
at The Factory Theatre, Marrickville.
Then the show itself, featuring Irish music giants Lunasa and Altan.
We have listened to their albums for years,
it was amazing to hear and see these legend Irish bands,
from our seats just 5 rows back.
Feet were tapping.
Two brave couples danced in the aisle.
(you can see them in the first photo).
The two bands joined at the end for some encores.
A great night out.
I was filled with inspiration to practice whistle more,
and go on tour myself. (Ha! I wish.)

So strange then, to go back to normal life on Monday morning.
Packing lunches, appointments, shopping, daughters, piano teaching.
It all seemed too sudden.
I'm glad I took these photos on my phone, even if they are blurry.
to help me hold the memory of the night.
And someone in a seat near mine might have recorded the concert, too
for future listening.