Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Afternoon

Our Easter continued to be a good day.
After a delicious dinner 
we played Cluedo.
Laura won.

She and I baked gluten-free Easter biscuits.

and iced them in pastel colours.

Steve continued to clear out sections of our back garden,
in preparation for a new fence.
I helped with the cleaning up.
The garden is looking much better, 
although very empty.

In the late afternoon sunshine 
the girls discovered they could make funny shadows
on what is left of the fence
so we all collaborated on some
artistic shadow dancing
with much laughter.

 just as the daylight was fading
I discovered these in the front yard:


for Easter.

They must think they are in the Northern Hemisphere!

After dark, some Dr Who with the girls,
crackers and dip,
and a game of Ono 99,
quite unexpectedly played in French.

A good day.

Happy Easter

Enjoying a quiet weekend

with church on Friday and again today

a dinner of 
fried chicken and roast vegetables,
followed by a game or two,

and still a few more days off from school 

to enjoy.

But most of all 


for Jesus,

 who gave his life for us,

and then 

triumphed over death

to rise again.

For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever 
those who are being made holy.
Hebrews 10:14

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cakes & Cards


Most of my creativity lately

has centred around birthdays,

in particular, a combined birthday party

with my family last weekend.

Loving my Stampin' Up! dress dies

especially with a bit of texture,
roses and pearls.

A masculine 40th card for my brother,

 and some cute daisy cupcakes,

using this tool.

Fiddly, but worth it in the end.


Lots of fun.

(Just had to watch out and warn that 

one particular niece

who would definitely reach for the one cake 

with the wooden ladybird on it!

Some of you know the one!

You'll be glad to know I got to her in time, 

no harm done.)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Picnic by the Harbour

Yesterday we headed to the harbour

to celebrate Steve's birthday with a picnic.

It was a hot day, and we were in search of

a cool breeze.

We had lunch at Balls Head,

and took these photos on a large rock sitting in the harbour.

(Since Balls Head is covered with trees

the view can only be glimpsed from other areas of the headland.)

And what a view it is.

  Tired of trying to spot the harbour while 

exploring the walking tracks on Balls Head,

we drove to Blues Pt Rd and discovered 

Sawmiller Park.

Down some steps



Aaahh, much better.

From our picnic rug:

Harbour, breeze, shady trees, 

And a shipwreck, as well.

Birthday cake was enjoyed,

friendly dogs were greeted,

photos were taken,

and we all felt relaxed and refreshed.

In the late afternoon sunshine

we headed home,

(with a stop for iceblocks on the way).

A good day.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Never too old

In an effort to blog more 

of the "everyday" ...

... some photos of the girls 
this morning,
filling in time between church
and a church lunch/meeting
with an iceblock at the park.

Even thought they tell me they are 
"too old for parks",
I notice that they are not too old 
when an iceblock is promised!

(nor are they ever "too cold" 
for iceblocks!)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thrifted Lately

It's never too soon after Christmas to buy more Christmas music.
Just what I wanted - more Bing, and more choral music.
The piano CD will be good for my students.

One of my advanced piano students can use this book,
she is playing a Chopin Nocturne for 8th grade piano.


Laura will like playing from this one.

This book of sonatas is for me ... or perhaps one day for someone else.

Emily has this sax book already,
I might sell this on ebay,
to make another parent glad of a bargain!
I can probably make back the cost of all the
books I bought in that visit to the op shop.

I love that some days I can go into the op shop 
and find great sheetmusic for just $1.00.

I know for a fact that some of these books cost around $30.00 retail.

(This week I had to buy a certain saxophone piece.
No second-hand copies available,
No time to order in from the States, 
I had to buy it new in Australia
so that Emily can perform it in a few weeks.
$27.95 plus postage
for one piece, just 4 pages long!)

* * *

But the most exciting thing I found that day at the op shop
was something I've been looking for, 
and waiting for,
for about 17 years:

My very own copy,
for just $1.50,
and enjoyed just as much now
as when I read it once on loan in 1996!
(When I was too much of a 
cheap-skate to buy it new for $29.95)

* * *
What have you found at the op shop lately?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Captured Sunshine

We have had some glorious sunny days this week.

This moment captured

during Laura's flute lesson,

at her teacher's house.

I walked a few blocks;

enjoying the mix of heat and breeze,

and the company of two terriers

who joined me for a while,

one black and one white.

  * * *

Today, on the other hand, is dull and gloomy.

I always find it hard to believe the

passing of time on days like this.

The end of the schoolday 

takes me quite by surprise.

   * * *

But despite the gloom outside,

good things are happening.

Soon I go to pick up our car from the smash repairs'.

Enough of driving strange cars.

I've made a marshmallow/rice puff slice

to soothe my cravings for treats,

and now am going to play some harp.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The sad state of things

Is there such a thing as too many gadgets?


I have spent too many hours in the last week

with a new phone.

Taking delivery of said phone;

setting up said phone;

and (most painfully of all)

getting contacts from old phone to said new phone

has taken too much of my life and sleep.

But I'm over the hump now

and hope to be able to move on with my life!

. . .

(yes, I know it would be a little easier if I had an iPhone

but I can't justify the cost.

Getting this phone & plan is actually 

saving us money overall by reducing our broadband costs,

and Emily will have my old phone, her's is dying.

And in case you're wondering,

I'm preferring some aspects of the Windows phone

to those of an iPhone,

but looking forward to better apps and future updates;

storage also seems to be an issue)

. . .

In other news, 

I taught Yr 6 last week at our local primary school

and finally got a moment to sit and 

figure out the Smartboard.

A big technology learning week for me.

Maybe now it's time to do something 

old-fashioned for a while ...

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Circle of Life?

Leave home.
Recorder Class.
Bible study.
Friend's house.

15 car trips yesterday.
The last one in the dark and pouring rain.
And all of them driving someone else's car.

Dad was kind enough to 
lend us his car while ours
is at the smash repairs
having a mysteriously-appearing
small dent/large scratch repaired.

Throw in some piano and recorder teaching,
shopping, cooking, washing and trying to actually put 
two thoughts together at bible study,
and that's quite a full day.

This is the circle of life 
they don't tell you about.

A merry-go-round especially for mothers.

A never-ending whirl of outings, drop-offs, shopping,
providing, helping with homework and 
taking up or letting out hems.

And when you do stick your head out for air, 
and pause for some real conversation, 
you are frequently met with teenage 
arguments and complaints.
Quickly followed by requests (demands)
for help in various categories,
only some of which fall within your 
areas of expertise.


These may include such skills as
mending, upcycling, costume design,
poetry analysis, first aid, peacemaking,
mobile phone repairs, science project decisions,
sourcing (and purchasing) of ebay items,
liaising with teachers
and assisting instrument practice ...

... all in addition to the usual demands
for food, clothes, cash and more food.


This has been an extra-crazy week for me.
Completely out of the blue
I was offered two days of casual teaching,
which I took.

Life is not always this frantic,
(although Thursdays always are).

Most days, if I remember to take 
a break for myself
when I can, 
just before the girls get home,
I have the energy, patience 
and resourcefulness
to get through whatever is thrown at me in 
the afternoon and evening.
Before I can collapse into bed
and get up in the morning
straight back into that revolving door.

But no matter how many breaks I take
nothing can stop the feeling of spinning
at the sheer number and variety of
things I am expected to do
once the girls get home.

(How do people manage with more children?
Or full-time work? Eek)

2006 - how cute where they?
Was it easier when the girls were younger?

It was exhausting when the girls were younger.
But I think there were far fewer mental demands.
Sometimes the monotony of the day
was almost too much.

* * *

So I'll just keep spinning here.

Not unhappy,

just spinning.