Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays

Dropping in to the op shop after bible study

on a Thursday has become a habit,

since I started shopping at a much better op shop.

The car just seems to know the way and 

even without my planning it,

there I am, turning into the carpark.

Today I found a turned wood bowl.

Rough and unpolished.

But after some sanding and oiling ...

I have a beautiful bowl to hold tools in 

for my stamping classes

(which I've just begun teaching again)

Why would someone make a bowl and not finish it?

It always makes me wonder.

But I guess we all have unfinished projects 

that need to move on at some point.

But this bowl, like the quilt,

have become useful objects of beauty now,

which makes me happy.

And then there was a little soft crocheted rug.

Yes, I could make one myself,

but I love the colours of this one,

and you just can't have too many rugs in winter ....

... right?

I think Laura will love this rug.

The op shop has been good for games lately.

These two historical-themed games today for $2.00 and $3.00,

a few weeks ago the game Loot for just $2.00,

I'd just been tempted to buy it full-price for $22.00

so was very happy.

It's fast becoming one of our favourite games ever.

We'll try these ones on the weekend,

or on second thoughts ... perhaps after the Olympics!

This was the second week I've found some Tupperware,

including the vintage icing sugar duster.

And a pretty glass jar for just 20c.

What goodies have you found lately?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Suitcase: My Grandfather's Suitcase

When my family visited two weeks ago

my aunt noticed my stack of vintage suitcases

and said something I never expected to hear ...

"I have our father's old suitcase if you want it"


Umm ... yes ... I want it!!!

Two weeks later the suitcase is in my stack.

the perfect size to fit between my original two suitcases.

(Photo coming soon)

But this one doesn't compare to my thrifty- and market-found suitcases.

Not only is it worn, 

and full of character 

inside and out ...

... but it has my grandfather's initials.

I never met him.

He died in 1954, 

when my mother and aunt were young

and I don't think I have 

anything else that belonged to him.

So ... even though it's hard to open the catches

and I haven't decided what to keep in it yet ...

this suitcase is going to be my most valued one of all.

 * * *

(but just wait till you see my aunt's suitcase!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

One day too many

After lovely holidays ...

relaxing ...

reading ...

walks ...

outings ...

crafts ...

good food ...

togetherness ....

something SNAPPED

and today just was one day of holidays too many.

Many deep breaths were needed

to control my temper

while all sorts of activities were attempted here.

Which then causes all kinds of guilt

at my eagerness for school to begin tomorrow.

So it was good to end the day with 

soup (carrot, sweet potato, celery & lentils)

and fresh herb bread

both set to cook around 2.00pm

and bubbling and rising away

all afternoon

made our house smell delicious.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

By the Water

We have been enjoying some

child-free time

while our girls stay a few nights

with my parents.

Two lovely days spent by the water ...

Thursday lunch at Narrabeen Lake

followed by a walk on Long Reef Head;

then yesterday lunch at Brooklyn,

where these photos were taken.

The girls have also spent time by the water,

visiting Cockatoo Island yesterday.

We love our girls but are thankful

to spend some time with just the two of us,

especially in such lovely surroundings

not too far from home.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wolves don't wear braces

This was Emily as we headed out to the orthodontist 

this morning.

And here are both our girls with braces:

And this was how Emily looked when we came home ...

... minus the braces!

(but still sporting the white wolf look)

I dug out this photo of her,

taken just before the braces went on 

in September 2010

when she was 12.

Lots has changed since then, 

and I'm glad to see that the 

teeth have straightened up.

Now at 14 and a half,

Emily is growing up to be a beautiful young lady.

We love you, Em!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Day in the City

Darling Harbour
 Today we traveled in to the city,

something we only do now and then.

We traveled by train

and ate a packed lunch

and enjoyed the sights.

The sun shone, a perfect winter's day.

Our destination was the Powerhouse Museum,

to see the Narnia exhibition.

We really enjoyed it, but couldn't take photos.

I loved seeing the costumes from 

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

and Prince Caspian, just amazing.

We also saw some other interesting exhibitions.

Now that the girls are older we can avoid some of the kiddy exhibits 

and all appreciate some artistic and design works.

I really enjoyed seeing the Faith Fashion Fusion exhibit,

showing modest fashions designed for Muslim women

in a variety of styles, some of them so beautiful

and all so clever.

We also saw the Love Lace exhibition, 

which I did take photos of:

Artworks inspired by lace

using a wide variety of mediums.

So much play between light and shadow.

Some of them so intricate.

Mostly white, but not all ....

...this was bright coloured needle lace from Paraguay.

These were haunting ...

... and this one was a fence!

So, with the Narnia costumes and props as well,

a lot of textiles inspiration!

As if that wasn't enough, 

we also visited Morris & Sons wool shop

and the Kinokuniya Japanese craft book section,

where I was tempted to buy some crochet books,

but resisted ... another day ....

Enjoying the afternoon sunshine now ...

... as we walked between the buildings and the sun here

we found a hotspot where the sunlight 

reflected off the curved glass building

and baked us, momentarily.

And what's a visit to the city without seagulls?

* * *

After all the sights and sounds of the city

and all our walking 

we headed home,

where we are happiest of all.

Braces and Badminton

Our sweet Emily is counting down the hours

until her braces come off on Tuesday.

After 22 months in braces

she says she is looking forward to having 

"naked" teeth.

Don't you remember that feeling of 

rubbing your tongue

back and forth over your shiny clean and straight teeth

after getting your braces off?

I do.

And this is what happens when you play badminton 

in your leafy front garden

on a Sunday afternoon after dinner.

Can you see the shuttlecock 

and the two racquets

stuck in the magnolia tree?

(racquets thrown up to get the shuttlecock down)

Fortunately the ladder is still handy since our painting ...

Our Sunday afternoon:


Velcro ball

Afternoon tea

Walk to the video shop in the twilight.

All good clean family fun.

What does your family like to do on a Sunday afternoon?