Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage-style Stamped Menu

More items from the table setting 

and the menu

of course the roses were fresh on the night ...
these photos were taken on my table a few days later ...

All stamps by Stampin' Up!

We also had this menu

- the best I could do for a blackboard menu

white chalk on black matt board (that I already had)

on an easel (that I bought for the same event last year)

Free and effective!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The weekend: boxes and more boxes

With building commencing (hopefully) in two weeks,

this weekend has involved more of this.

Packing boxes

Walking around the maze of boxes

Swapping boxes

Finding boxes

Filling boxes

Labelling boxes

Trying not to trip over boxes.

Because we have to pack up all this:

and all this:

and this

and much, much more.

But the most important box we packed this weekend 

was this one:

packed with goodies, bought and handmade

and ready to gladden a girl's Christmas

somewhere in an impoverished country.

Good to think of someone less fortunate in the midst of 

Things to Do.

Perfect Reflections

Yesterday, I read this post.

And drooled over the lovely mirrors there.

This morning I went out early for a walk,

happened to find a garage sale,

and came home with this:

(no place to hang this yet)

and this:

and this:

Three lovely vintage mirrors

for $55.00

So happy.

One over the sideboard in the study, 

but never dreamed to find a lovely 
Art Deco mirror for so little $$.

One in the hall,

where I never expected one

but I love it.

It goes perfectly with the hall table.

Made for each other.

Shame we will be moving the hall table at some point soon ...

But these mirrors will go anywhere.

Upstairs or downstairs.

And building the upstairs should start in a fortnight!

 . . .

Friday, October 21, 2011

Drying in the sunshine

Vintage electric jug collection

 taken down, scrubbed

and left to dry in the hot sunshine

like a flock of birds with their beaks open.

*   *   *

Packing and decluttering in preparation 

for our building

which we hope will start very soon.

In the meantime, most of our living room 

looks like this:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pink & Vintage Table Setting for Six

Photo by Juliet

Before, during and after.

Table Display for a church function

Trying it out at home

Goodies for the ladies

 And enjoying the flowers at home afterwards.

* * *

A few more photos to come ...
But unfortunately I didn't have my camera
with me on the night :-(

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the early morning light ...

 Mornings have not been my strong point, lately.
In fact in the holidays I was regularly staying up late 
and getting up around 9.00am.

Now school is back I really need to get up much earlier!
And I am.
But a couple of late nights
and a slow adjustment to daylight savings time
are not helping.

Yesterday morning I woke after 7.00
and this is what I saw at the end of the bed.

The hallway
bathed in bright morning light.

This only happens at this time of year
and only if Steve opens the blinds at the back of the house.

(and who knew our walls were so warped?
Can you believe we are going to add
 another storey onto this old house??)

The light was so bright
and enticing
that I jumped out of bed and greeted the day.

Well, almost.
After a few minutes thinking about it.

And then I had to take photos.

btw: Oil painting by Steve's mum, of a local scene.
Stencilling by me, back in 1995
inspired by 'the movie Little Women'.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Enamel Pitcher

Loving my new enamel pitcher
from Ikea

filled with erigeron
which is taking over our backyard

but is now making me happy
on the dining table.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Granny Squares


I am on the last square of my granny square rug!

After 18 months,
and lots of other crocheting in between,
looks like I will finish it this Spring,
rather than last Spring.

In fact I remember last winter
I was loving it so much that I started another project
to make the fun of making this rug "last"

This last square is making me the happiest of all.

From its yellow-aqua-purple centre 

to its pink and yellow goodness
and a few more happy rounds to add.

For a few weeks I was deliberating about ...

how many rounds?

how to join them?

and finally I decided to do a round of trebles for the 20th row
in the darker blue or pink 
and then a round of single 
(or double? I can never remember which it is) crochet in green.

Then I will stitch them together with green
and do some more rounds around the whole rug,
finishing with pink.

And I'm so happy with the green edging!

The other squares are stacked almost ready to join together
one needs its green edging,
some need the ends sewn in.

Soon I'll be able to show you the finished rug!

Linking to Fibers on Friday.
See what the others are making!

Teen/Tween Fashion Sense

Life here is a parade 
of colour 

Take Emily's favourite outfit at the moment (above)

Note the pretty Cath Kidston-style sundress,
the khaki sleeveless vest

the pink beanie
complete with plaits and badges

the cute non-matching socks 
and military-style boots

Yep, she's got style.

And then there's the pink girl.

Favourite striped cardigan

A headband for every day of the week
or year

Fringe created from long hair folded back
(to try and persuade me to let her have a fringe cut)

fingerless hot pink gloves 
(seen being created here by the wearer)

hot pink legwarmers
over black leggings
denim shorts over the leggings


for a casual day at home,
pink fluffy slippers.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quietly crafting at Home

This second week of the school holidays 

we girls have been

quietly crafting at home.

Lots of mess.

But it's good mess,

don't you think?

I love to look up (from my ipad) 

and see my girls knitting while watching Bewitched.

And until someone steps on a needle 

and so long as we tidy up before Daddy's home ...

I don't mind a bit of felt-y wool-y fabric-y goodness spread around.

(oops, Daddy's walking in now and we forgot to tidy up!)