Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy Busy ....

Home grown snow peas :-)
and dirty fingernails :-(


A recorder concert by my Junior Recorder group - at 8.30am - what was I thinking? My eyes were barely open!

A piano lesson to teach

A cup of tea and a magazine

Sorting out my (large) collection of Christmas magazines - trying to reduce/amalgamate them somehow...

5 more piano students

School pick-up

Another cup of tea and a book about Susanna Wesley

Plaster all over the kitchen bench making Christmas moulds with Laura
Clear the dining table of half-demolished Christmas magazines and plaster moulds
Cook dinner and iron
Eat dinner and get the girls to bed, waiting now for them to sleep ...

Complete exhaustion.

Emily's latest creation - sorry it's blurry - how I am feeling, really.

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