Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Labour of Love

I just spent over half an hour stitching, mending Bunny. At twelve years old Bunny is worn and thin after years of cuddling and rubbing and coming along with Emily. Long ago she lost an ear but the other holds ... just.

Today's procedure was to mend the gaps, to keep the stuffing in. I couldn't do the paw, I'll need to patch it one day when I have the right fabric.

This morning Bunny received some new clothes! Emily spent some birthday money at Pumpkin Patch and Bunny has a new tracksuit and t-shirt. She is one well-dressed and well-loved Bunny.

And all just in time for Bunny to go on camp, with Emily, tomorrow. Because Bunny hasn't been away for 5 days before and Bunny needs all the love and support she can get.

1 comment:

Emily said...

The worn toys are the best! Then they become real! What a precious bunny!