Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fimo Pendants

I've been looking into making Silver Clay Jewellery (such as this) lately, and that inspired me to first try some pendants with some Fimo (a Christmas present to Laura). Emily made one, Laura made two, and I made one. If you can't tell which one is mine, I will give up craft now.

The hardest part of this craft was getting the jump rings on after the baking. I had to buy some larger-than-usual rings and even then it was tricky getting them through the layers.

As for the actual making of the pendants - they were easy-peasy. Roll some fimo into a ball and then flatten it with a roller. Cut with a miniature cutter if desired. Stamp with a rubber stamp or other textured object and bake in 120degC oven for 30mins.


Hill upon Hill said...

Oh they are lovely. I partic. like the "Y"pendant.

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RockRushIndia said...

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