Monday, January 31, 2011

Changing Gears

Yesterday at the beach we were carefree and relaxed.

Today Laura started school.

Her last "first day" in primary school, so mine too.

My piano students phoned to see if we would start lessons today, and I said "why not?" and with half an hour's notice began my teaching for 2011.

Time for my brain to get into gear.

It has been a hot day, in the high 30s, and my brain is resisting getting into gear.

I walked this morning at 6.00am when it was cool, which both energised me and tired my legs.
With my energy I vacuumed and tidied a little of the detritus of the holidays in the living room.

Emily doesn't start school till tomorrow, so we had a slow day together, she is snuffly with a cold. Around lunchtime we headed out for some op-shopping then lunch and more shopping at a lovely shop, I'll show you our purchases soon.

Laura arrived home from school hot and tired and grumpy, but she had a good start to the year.

Now at 6.30pm the temperature is still 34 deg C, and I am thankful for airconditioning.

Time to make dinner (felafels)

.. and time to start getting my brain into gear.

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