Friday, November 4, 2011

Sheep Birthday Cake

For Laura's 12th Birthday Party today 

I made a sheep cake!

I divided my normal butter cake recipe into two flat round tins.  
One of these became the body and then I cut a sheep face shape out of the second cake.
The body is iced in white and then covered with popcorn,
and the face iced with chocolate icing.
Eyes: white chocolate melts
end of black jelly bean
Nostrils & mouth, Grass : cut from a Sour Strap lolly
Legs: Chocolate Rollettes

When I finished the cake I realised there was no good place to fit 12 candles!
So I popped the cake on a tray and made a fence out of lamingtons 
that I had bought to serve anyway.

This was one of the easier cakes that I've made, 
I love how the popcorn looked woolly
(and also helped covered any little mistakes)

And most of all ...
Laura loved it!