Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Origami Cranes and A Depressed Baguette

First there was one.

Then a few more,

in varying sizes, and colours

 - and before we knew it,

Laura's origami cranes

were taking over our house!

Well, perhaps not the whole house,

but my part of the house.

The part where I put my teacup

twice a day to relax 

and read blogs or magazines.

So relaxing has become slightly less relaxing ...

* * *

And in case you think Laura's

the only one round here with clever fingers,

here's a sneak peek of Emily's health assignment,

a slideshow entitled 

"One Depressed Baguette".

Complete with little cut-out baguettes,

 furniture, scenery  ...

How cute is that???

* * *

So glad the craft gene was passed on to my girls ;-)


simmone said...

Now that was an interesting title. Love the origami,have you tried those flowers Kusudama? Love the little baguette too!Very clever.

Fiona said...

Hi Simmone, yes we have done kusadama, here:
Just didn't know the name for it! That is actually my most viewed post. Thanks!