Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The After-School Onslaught

Pretty picture inserted for calming effect on self

It seems that after school every day 

I am bombarded with requests and demands. 

 Real ones.  

Not like when they were younger 

and they just wanted an iceblocks for afternoon tea. 

For example,

 in the first ten minutes after arriving home today

(and in between "get out your lunchbox",
"why didn't you eat all your lunch ?" etc)

I was bombarded with:

 I need mini donuts and chopsticks
for guides tomorrow night. 


When are we going shopping to buy shoes 
for my fashion parade on Tuesday night? 

(like I haven't already spent quite enough on that outfit already) 

 Did you phone the laser tag place so we can play there on last day of term 
because I need to give out invitations NOW! 


 I need a present for my friend's party on Saturday. 


 I need to sew my dress this afternoon 

(just when I have the house tidy and sewing machine 
away for tonight's cardmaking class) 


 Why did you take my paddle pop stick out of my lunchbox? 

(apparently so important that it came as an SMS during the day as well!) 


 Can I go to Jess's house to watch movies in the holidays? 
Me: what movies? 
Her: Chick flicks. Because I'm an adult now. 

 And finally... 

 Can we watch Get Smart? 

 At last, one I can answer.


 Do other people's teenagers do this too? 

 Or have I created an environment of high expectations and reliance on me?


Bungalowgirl said...

Oh boy, so relieved I am still at the ice block stage. Although there is genuine angst over content for tomorrow's show and tell, a school reader with chapters! in grade 1- yikes, and frequent demands for tv, iPads, drinks of water and bottom wipes despite every night me saying no more, no, get it yourself and now you are 6 you wipe your own bottom! melx btw- what is the story with the paddle pop stick? dying to know.

Fiona said...

For those of you wondering ... the paddle pop stick is one of those "you've won a free paddle pop stick" and it needs to be kept in the lunchbox, for when the urge arises.
Not likely to be soon, because even at this stage I'm still dolling out the occasional iceblock after school, just like the good old days!

Ruthykins said...

Americans and Australians are divided by a common language. I had to look up paddle pop sticks. Looked like fudgcicles. mmmmm. I fully expect my kids to be like yours when they are teenagers. I'm still in the elementary school age.