Friday, January 18, 2013

Ready for the Heat


The temperature here is forecast to reach 40 deg or higher.

But we're ready.

The house is closed up

- windows and curtains shut

- awnings down

- even a towel hanging over the glass on the back door

makes a huge difference.

Waiting till it gets hot and stuffy inside

and we will turn on the airconditioning,

which cools the living room

and keeps the rest of the house

somewhat bearable.

Outside I've watered a few plants.

This portulaca is loving the heat,

unlike the hydrangea I planted yesterday,

rescuing it 

from it's up-and-down 

existence in a pot.

As usual I've left the washing too late.

By 9.30 the temperature in the sun 

is heading for the mid-30s.

My strategy is to hang the large items 

on the outside of the hoist first

and use them to shade me

while I hang the smaller items behind.

Even so, it's hot work.

This pretty sheet was a thrifted find

a while back,

and has been put to use the last couple of nights 

as a tablecloth on a trestle table

for dinners outside.

With some new red polkadot plates

it made for a lovely

summery-Cath Kidston effect.

* * *

Hope you're keeping cool!


Hill upon Hill said...

Only just. My preparations included watering under the house and entry/exit points. Fans blowing cooled air about, ice blocks in drinks....

Fiona said...

Am so thankful for our airconditioning!