Thursday, July 18, 2013

And a tutu too

First day en pointe
Laura has recently achieved a long-held dream

and gone en pointe,

spending much time at home in her pointe shoes

She bought herself a practice tutu on ebay

and it arrived in the holidays,

adding her to ballet-related happiness.

Here she tries the little-known and under-utilised

 ironing en pointe routine.

I guess that's one way of getting her 

to do her chores ...

* * *

And since we three girls are now 

all studying ballet

perhaps we could all frock up

and glissade, jete and pas de chat

our way through the housework?

(Of course, I'd have to pick up my ballet

game a bit to manage that ...

and the girls would have to pick up 

their housework game ...)


Justjen said...

I'm so impressed. I think doing the dusting en pointe would look very graceful too lol. She looks lovely in her shoes and tutu :-)

Coal Valley View said...

That is so gorgeous Fiona - well done to your girl! Such a big achievement. I did ballet as a child but gave up before I reached the en point level, sadly. Love the shot of her on the ironing board. So you do it too then? I'm very impressed :-) Mel x