Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reels, Rolls and Real Life

A rare night out at a real concert on Sunday.
Just the two of us.
A delicious Vietnamese dinner (loved the grilled beef rolls);
a bit of chatting with like-minded friends before the concert.
at The Factory Theatre, Marrickville.
Then the show itself, featuring Irish music giants Lunasa and Altan.
We have listened to their albums for years,
it was amazing to hear and see these legend Irish bands,
from our seats just 5 rows back.
Feet were tapping.
Two brave couples danced in the aisle.
(you can see them in the first photo).
The two bands joined at the end for some encores.
A great night out.
I was filled with inspiration to practice whistle more,
and go on tour myself. (Ha! I wish.)

So strange then, to go back to normal life on Monday morning.
Packing lunches, appointments, shopping, daughters, piano teaching.
It all seemed too sudden.
I'm glad I took these photos on my phone, even if they are blurry.
to help me hold the memory of the night.
And someone in a seat near mine might have recorded the concert, too
for future listening.


Krystal said...

It doesn't hurt to go out and enjoy yourself - listening to music and dining equals happiness.

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh what a wonderful escape.