Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A crocheted poncho

I haven't been blogging much, because my eyes are 
just not coping with the computer screen at the moment.
In a week I'll begin a process of exercises then glasses,
but for now I have to limit my screentime
(or type with my eyes shut!)

So to rest my eyes, I've started a crochet project instead.
For a while I've been thinking of making
a garment to keep me warm while I sit in bed, reading.
I usually snuggle under the crocheted rug my Nanna made me
when I was a teenager.  But on cold winter nights my back gets cold.
I like the granny rug pattern though, because I can poke my fingers out 
through the holes, to hold the book and keep the rest of my hands warm!

The obvious answer was a poncho.
I haven't owned a crocheted poncho since about 1975.
(But boy, did I love my poncho).
Last week I picked out some colours that might go with our bedroom, 
thinking neutrals, plus a colour.
I found a grey-brown and two denim blues.

Later, I realised that the colours I picked will match a cushion
that I've bought for our bed, exactly!  
If I ever finish up a little bit of painting and sew the curtains
I will use the new quilt cover and linen that is sitting, waiting patiently...

I'm using Panda Magnum 8ply acrylic yarn, since I'm allergic to wool.
I love the colours, so much, 
but I'm disappointed that the yarn isn't softer and warmer when crocheted.  
Yarn from the $2.00 shop is softer, but not available yet, (till after Easter?) 
and probably not in colours for our bedroom, anyway.

So, I'll keep happily crocheting (and watching Downton
and see how it turns out.

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Amy at love made my home said...

Your poncho is looking lovely! I hope that you get the eyes things sorted out, that sort of thing is such a bother. I can type without looking at what I am doing, which for some reason freaks people out, that was my childhood ambition to be able to do that - like my Mum! - but I still have to go back and check my spelling!! It isn't really a practical way to type! Enjoy Downton in the meantime!! xx