Friday, August 15, 2014

The Pre-Spring Rush

In August, I find myself busy again.
It's a shock after the quietness of a few months ago.
Life is full.

I've had a few days of casual teaching,
and a few days definitely booked in coming weeks.
While I really enjoy the teaching, it always means
a day lost at home, and the rest of the week becomes a bit more rushed.

Laura and I continue to see our chiropractor and nutritionist,
so there are appointments to attend and new lessons to learn
with food.  Coconut has proved to be a problem for me,
so now my diet consists of just meat, vegetables (not all)
fruit (limited) and nuts.  
However, I think I see improvements in my health,
so it's worth continuing on this path.
Laura is still missing a lot of school, there are no
overnight successes to report for her, but perhaps in time
there will be some positive change.

August means music exam preparation.
I have two students doing 8th Grade Piano,
and Laura doing 3rd Grade Piano in about 10 days, 
and I'm accompanying Emily's 7th Grade Saxophone 
exam in mid-September.
The piano parts for her pieces are ridiculously difficult, 
and I'm trying to fit in a decent practice most days.
So stress levels are high, and I can't wait until the exams are over.
Emily has school exams coming up, also, and is working on some
full-sized butterfly wings made of chiffon, for an art project.
Steve practises violin at nights for various chamber groups he's involved with.
There's always something going on with a deadline around here.

I've also been trying to declutter and tidy our study, the busiest room of the house,
where I teach, we practice, compute and Steve watches movies.

A more pleasant rush has been filling parts the garden with new plants.
After our big planting a few weeks ago I've picked up more plants
from the markets, and am loving the spots of colour in the front garden.
In the back garden I'm building up a herb garden and planting some lavender soon.
Steve dug out metres of fish-bone fern on the weekend so soon we will have a 
big corner of the front garden to fill with something more attractive.

It's lovely to escape outside for a few minutes here and there to check on the progress of each plant,
and water them, and dream up plantings for other parts of the garden. Each day there's something a little different to see, each plant a little bigger, flowers blooming.
Spring is on its way.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Your food pics on Instagram always look so good. I do wish I had more will power when it comes to eating well. I feel for Laura with her continued health struggles. I hope better days lie ahead for her. Take care. Xx

Amy at love made my home said...

It is so amazing to think that you are looking towards spring as many bloggers over here are starting to mention autumn I have noticed, and I am still holding on to it being summer and have not given autumn - or spring! - a moments thought as yet! xx