Monday, December 15, 2014

The last of the Christmas rush

Yesterday we put up our outside lights.

On Friday I put up my little Christmas tree in my craft room.

I love seeing it from outside.

Last week I finished my Christmas cards.
Which is quite a process. 
I've been making them for months.
In the last fortnight, I've addressed the envelopes,
stamped a greeting inside each card.
photographed them, and stamped the envelopes.
And of course, written in each one.
All 80 or so of them.

And yesterday I got the last of them in the mail.

At last I'm feeling like I'm on the home stretch, we're over the hump.

Time to enjoy the tree, the carols, the sights and sounds of Christmas.
Perhaps some paleo Christmas treats,
a little Christmas shopping and wrapping.
Time to read the Christmas story in the bible and ponder on it.

School is finishing this week.
Relaxation is almost here!
I'm snatching more moments of it each day.
So many things ticked off for the year, with just a couple to go.

Now I just want to soak up the rest of December, 
before it too disappears.


Amy at love made my home said...

Your lights and trees and everything are so pretty, but gosh, all the cards that you made!!! I am in awe of you!!! They are so pretty and I am sure that everyone who receives one will love and treasure it! How great that you took a photo of them all too! What a great idea is that to keep a copy of what you have made! xx

Alysa said...

I love the tree in your craft room. It looks so cozy.

80 Christmas cards? Wow! They're all so beautiful.