Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All about food, again.

Once again, my world revolves around food.
More diet changes. For a month I can eat only:

chicken soup
vegetable soup
steamed vegetables (think green vegetables, carrot and cauliflower)
small amounts of pumpkin and smaller amounts of sweet potato
onions and garlic
lamb steaks once a week (yey for lamb night!)
green smoothies
vegetable juices
herbal teas
healthy oils and a few herbs & spices

Next week I get to add in 1/2 a cup of berries per day.

So I can't eat most of the foods in these photos, which were taken in recent months.
No nectarines, no parsnips, and definitely no jamdrops.
(My, those jamdrops were good - made of buckwheat, from the latest Donna Hay magazine).

Even salads and fermented veges are out for now.

The purpose of all this, according to my nutritionist, is to give my digestive system a rest. A holiday, of sorts, from it's usual traumas. Cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw. Avoiding any sweet foods helps keep the bad bacteria under control. Walking 5 times a week helps keep everything moving ;) so long as I have the energy to walk, that is!

I'm going ok with it, but finding it a bit up and down. Sometimes I feel weak and hungry, other times quite satiated. Mostly I'm feeling well, anyway, which is the aim of all this. I'm used to radical diet changes by now - it's almost 4 years since I went on a big elimination diet and I haven't eaten "normally" since then.  After the month is up, I'll start trying other foods again, which sounds like it will take another 6 months or so, like my elimination diet of 2011. So I just plod on, keeping a food diary, cooking my veges, and preparing other foods for the varied diets of the rest of the family, giving them veges when I can, of course ;). (Actually, I've been known to forget about meals for everyone else, oops). It's not too bad, really, except at afternoon tea time, when I would dearly love a sweet treat! Or when I go out, and while others have coffee and cake, I sheepishly pull out a little Tupperware container holding a boiled egg, chicken, or limp broccoli.

On the plus side, since starting this diet I've had some great soups, a good baked salmon dinner, and an amazing lamb steak dinner. Friday night drinks were spiced up with yummy cinnamon-roasted cauliflower instead of the usual Smiths Crisps. And I drank iced water with a slice of lemon, instead of something stronger. I can still have my normal good breakfast of a kale omelette, sometimes with salmon on top. And since my food choices are so limited, decisions about my own meals are pretty easy. On top of that, it looks like I might be taking my belt in another notch, before too long.

So, it's all good, really.

... right?

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