Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy 18th, Laura

On Wednesday we celebrated Laura's 18th Birthday.

We found a beautiful spot by the water for a late afternoon present-opening picnic. (We gave Laura a golden retriever necklace, some pens for drawing, and will buy her some new bedroom furniture). Laura met a swan. Then we went to a Thai restaurant for a delicious dinner, and Emily made us each a personal dessert in a mason jar, trifle for the birthday girl and Steve, and vegan/paleo chocolate coconut creations for her and me, yum.

It's hard to believe that this girl of ours has been alive for 18 years. And what a character she is:

We love you, so much, Laura!

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Hill upon Hill said...

Oh the photo's are lovely and the dessert jars looked amazing. How kind to have that made for you all!