Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Tree

On Saturday we got the Christmas tree out and put it up. It's my parents' old tree and each branch has to be stuck onto the trunk, which was always so exciting to do as a child! Each year more of the little green sprigs have fallen off and we have to push them back on but this tree is perfect for us so we persist. Some of it is held together by wire but I love my childhood memories of this tree.

Our tree is decorated in the very un-trendy colours of red, white and gold. A lot of the decorations are handmade or gifts over the years. The girls and I had a great time digging the decorations out of the box and hanging them, now that the girls are older I don't have to move quite so many decorations from the lower branches where they have hung too many!

This year we had to reorganise the furniture to fit the tree in to the living room, so for a change we have the tree right in the centre of the window, which is lovely. The best time is when the room lights are off and the lights on the tree give off a golden glow. Carols are playing .... ahh!

Over the next days I'll post some more photos of our tree and my handmade Christmas cards.

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