Thursday, December 6, 2007

December busyness

During December I always feel like I'm running round like the proverbial "chook with her head cut off" because there are just so many little jobs to do - shopping, wrapping, writing cards, baking extra things for bring a plate events, finishing off admin for my students, etc etc. It never seems to end. And that's the things that have to be done, not the things I want to do, such as even open my new Cuttlebug dies I bought on special yesterday, or make those Christmas decorations I was planning to do this week ...

Yesterday Emily cracked me up. My head was spinning, as usual with all the things I had to do, all the things the girls were asking me to do and all the non-related comments that children make. Laura asked me to buy a gift for a teacher, and I knew I would forget it, so I sent her to write it on the fridge whiteboard. A few seconds later she asked me what to write, and I had completely forgotten what we had been talking about. Emily said "oh Mummy, you have the three second memory of a goldfish!"

The sad thing is that at that moment she was right! But laughing about it sure helped.

So I wrote a list of all those little things and managed to get quite a few crossed off yesterday, and a few more today. All simple little things but the sheer volume of them is overwhelming.

The little snowman above is from a cute little wooden tree with decorations I found at an opshop the other day - still in the packet! It will be perfect for Emily's snow and ice party theme cake. So cute. Here's another angle:

There are 15 little circles with a little figure for each. The tree sits on our dining table on top of the quilted runner I actually made a few weeks ago (after planning to make one for years!). But the effect is ruined by the constant piles of girls' craft things/Christmas cards/homework books etc that seem to pile up each day. :-(
Two more pics - a beautiful Christmas card from my clever friend Romaine, using Stampin' Up stamps, (also you can just see a little of my quilted runner below the card).

- love the glitter!

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