Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Cardmaking morning

At craft this morning I made cards for our school fete on Saturday. I stuck with a navy blue background to keep things simple and provide some unity as a set of cards on the stall, rather than random uncoordinating cards.

Not that I will get to see the craft stall, my job is to run the wristband and ticket sales for the rides, and that is a HUGE responsibility on the day.
Oh, and help my Recorder Group perform at lunchtime. I'd better not forget that!


Anonymous said...

I thought those cards were reminiscent of your style. They are now in my drawer, a nice purchase from the fete. J

fiona said...

Ha! I wondered if that might happen! Glad to know they went to a good home. Actually I was thinking it would be funny if someone gave me one for my birthday!