Saturday, March 1, 2008


It's good to know that Emily and Steve can be trusted to find exactly what is needed in an op-shop.

Emily had to have a blood test so they turned the outing into a daddy-daughter date, with op-shopping and morning tea at a cafe.
This is what they came home with (well, in addition to a half-sipped iced white chocolate) :

5 paperbacks for the girls to read

1 pocket dictionary - Emily needed one for school and this one has character - someone has been covered in text and photo paper and the edges coloured with black texta - very cool and it won't be confused with others in the classroom - just $1.50

1 very mini German/English dictionary. The perfect size for Chilli.


Dawn - from Blue Ridge NC said...

Hi Fiona,
I enjoyed visiting your blog again - My computer is currently torn up hoping to have it fixed this week - Just checking my email with a friends computer and noticed that you visited my blog recently. Hopefully I will be able to update it later this week. Take Care -

Suzy said...

That is the most precious picture I have seen today! I love it so much :) The lighting is just beautiful - it is perfect!