Monday, April 21, 2008

Home again

We're back home from the beach, and loving it. The beach was fun, but we had quite a lot of rain and wind, not really beach weather. We did get in some swimming and Wahu-ing, but unfortunately Blogger won't let me post any photos at present.

Coming home was good, as usual. The house we stayed in was much bigger than our home, but bigger is not always better. We are enjoying our cosy home now, especially since the weather has turned cooler and we have the heater on, daylight savings is over and the evenings are darker. Of course the clothes horses full of washing from the holiday don't really add any ambience, neither do the sleeping bags etc waiting for a sunny day to be aired, but I am enjoying some real autumn weather and starting to think of comfort foods - soups, casseroles, crusty bread ...yum!

Looking forward to posting some photos ASAP

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Anonymous said...

Me too, love this weather, perhaps it will snow. Apple crumble does well too....