Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Op Shopping on Holidays - a Tutorial

1. Wait for a rainy day and bundle the family into the car

2. Sus out the local op-shops and make a plan of attack

3. On entering the shop spread out so as not to miss anything

4. When looking at clothes for 10-year olds be insistent that they actually try them on before rejecting them

5. When you see someone else put an item down that you might like, grab it before they change their mind.

6. When you find the perfect outfit in the perfect size for your daughter who desperately needs new winter clothes, make sure you take photos of her in them.

total cost of outfit:

Jacket - $5

Shirt - $2

Hat - $5

Jeans (from opshop on our last holiday) - $6

Emily's enjoyment of her new clothes - priceless

Total = $18 woohooo

We also found 2 nice long sleeved tshirts for Emily and myself, some clothes for her to grown into, and a nice appliqued Christmas tablecloth. If I had been 1 minute earlier I could have bought Emily a denim jacket also.

These 2 opshops in Nelson Bay seem to be particularly good - we got nice things last year too.

Now I just have to restrain myself from telling everyone about our bargains. Not everyone appreciates the whole second-hand thing like we do. But everything we bought is in such GOOD condition. We are thankful for God for providing these clothes that Emily needed - the cute little cap was the icing on the cake for me!

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