Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

Happy New Year! TodayI woke early and went for a walk in the misty morning light. This spiderweb looked so beautiful covered in droplets that I went back for the camera to capture the moment.

Soon the air began to heat up and today has been hot - 33degC and now at 9pm it is still hot, but a southerly will come through tonight and we will have cooler weather tomorrow.

We didn't celebrate much last night, instead we let the girls stay up and watch an old Danny Kaye movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which was fun, then we saw the 9.00 fireworks over Sydney Harbour on TV. From then until about 12.30pm there were sporadic bangs from local fireworks (some just in the next block) and finally there was quiet.

Today we packed away all the Christmas decorations and tree. Although it is traditional to keep the tree until 6th January by New Year's I am hanging out for some space and to put the furniture back to rights. Also Emily has her birthday on the 7th January so I need to get out of Christmas mode and into Birthday mode!

As we were packing up the tree I thought I would photograph the sweet felt ornaments the girls made us this year for Christmas.

I taught Laura blanket stitch and this was her first ornament she ever sewed. Her stitching is lovely and even for a 9yo beginner, I think!

Emily secretly made this very cute snowman on her own. It is stitched around the edge and all the other pieces are glued on. I knew she was up to something but I didn't know it would be this cute and clever!
I'm so happy that the girls are now sewing their own felt ornaments! For Christmas the girls were given kits to sew yo-yos and now they have started sewing them. Emily is making two each morning before the rest of us are up and about, and is planning to use them to decorate a cushion. It's lovely to see them enjoying sewing already.


Threeundertwo said...

How sweet! I love that they're making their own ornaments. What treasures for years to come.

Happy New Year!

Hill upon Hill said...

Their decorations are lovely.

Emily said...

What an amazing photo! And how neat they are making ornaments. I am looking forward to when my girls can sew a bit and share in the joy of creating something. Happy New Year!