Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy creating

We are enjoying the first week of the winter school holidays, and have been unusually busy for us. The girls have been going to a Narnia holiday program each morning, which they are loving. While they are gone I am running around like a headless chook tidying the house, practising Irish music, doing the washing (now we are finally having some sun), grocery shopping, and getting ready for a stamping class I'm teaching on Friday. So much to do, and so little time!

Yesterday Emily and I had a fun afternoon while Laura went to see Hannah Montana with friends. Firstly lunch at KFC, where we each tried a Krusher for the first time. We loved them and I highly recommend the Golden Gaytime flavour - that yummy flavour plus crushed ice plus crunchy cookie bits, just too scrummy (I just had deja vu while writing about the Golden Gaytime flavour - so weird!)

Then we headed to a big fabric shop and lost ourselves in quilt fabrics for a while, looking for colours and patterns to coordinate with Emily's new quilt cover for the room make-over we're planning for the girls. This is what we came home with:

aren't they just so pretty?

Then we came home and sewed them into a big bird-shaped cushion for Emily's bed. She did nearly all the sewing and cutting herself, I was so proud. We ran out of stuffing so I'll post a photo when the bird is completely finished. She is doing such a great job with this project.

Today while the girls were busy I felt the urge to create something which was not a card for once, using this cute "home sweet home" stamp (Heidi Grace).

So I went for some paperpiecing and made this to hang on a doorknob.

And finally I couldn't finish this post about creating without showing off Laura's amazing owl cake she made at the Narnia program (they have the most incredible crafts and activities!) I love that they made "feathers" by dipping a fork into molten chocolate and scraping it onto the icing.

Isn't he cute? And yummy too, although Daddy has to eat all the licorice.

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