Friday, July 17, 2009

Ribbon Organization

Last week, when I showed you my lovely braids and things from Linda, I got carried away and reorganized all my braids and laces - so much fun!

I cut acid-free card (from Creative Memories page packs) into strips about 4 inches wide and wrapped the braids and laces around them. It took ages but I was watching Emma (the Kate Beckinsale version) at the time so it didn't seem so bad! I secured them with Scotch tape, also acid-free.

Then I placed them back into the plastic container they had been in, and oh what a difference - before they were squashed into ziploc bags and I never used them.

Now I feel like I have a little haberdashery shop in my craft cupboard - woohoo! I will definitely be using them now I can see exactly what I have.

As for my ribbons, for about the last year I have kept my rolls of ribbons in this old picnic basket I found at council clean-up a few years ago.

They fit perfectly and I love it!

I keep the basket on top of a shelf, or on a little table near my craft desk.

I keep my Christmas ribbons in a lovely box from Jacqui but you'll have to wait till Christmastime to see that!

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Hill upon Hill said...

Wow, so many good things happening in your home!