Friday, June 4, 2010

Small House Musings

Myshkin the cat has gone back home. Turns out we are not cat-people. Myshkin, on the other hand, seemed to be completely happy here.

I was swayed by all the photos of happy cat families in blogland to think that a cat would add to our life, but instead, three of us were unbelievably stressed by his presence and the other aspects of having an indoor cat in a small house.

The photo above was taken on Mothers Day, and I stood at the front door to take it. The door you can see with the glass window is the back door. That's how big our house is. (And that's the long side - from side to side is even shorter!) Laura is standing in the living room, near the dining table. Not much room for us, let alone animals of the living variety (we have zillions of cuddly toy animals, but that's another story).

So, just the four of us again.

Which is, really, just right.


Hill upon Hill said...

Looks lovely and homey though. I love visiting!

Steve said...

Hmmm.. you say that you are not cat people - I thought your husband and the cat got on quite well?? But I guess it's all for the best... :)