Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Unexpected Cat

We have a cat!

On Friday I received a group email from a friend, looking for a home for her cat. Her new baby is suffering from eczema and she had sadly decided that her cats needed to be out of their lives.

Yesterday we went to visit them, and came home with a cat!

So Myshkin, the Russian Blue, is settling into our home!

We are all enjoying having him here, he's very placid and easy-going.

Last year we had another cat, Millie, come to visit,

but Myshkin is even easier to live with than Millie

(his good behaviour is one of the reasons I said "yes"!)

It's all still on a trial basis, after all, my skin might not cope with a cat, either.
(Even though I can't spell eczema in a hurry, I still live with it on a daily basis)

In the meantime, Myshkin is feeling right at home!

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