Sunday, November 28, 2010

Laura's Heffalump Cake

Well December is practically upon us, and I have barely blogged the spring!

It has been a mixed season for me ...
loving the cool spring weather ....
loving the spring flowers ...
loving not being so busy as last term ..
but having some minor health problems ...
nothing serious, just annoying, and I'm still learning how to cope with them.

Then in the midst of the chaos of that came Laura's birthday party
(as seems to happen each year!)

The week after Laura's birthday we had two parties for her, one for her friends, and the other for my extended family. For the friends party we had a bit of a butterfly/Heffalump theme.

Laura still loves Lumpy the best of all her cuddly toys, that trunk of Lumpy's is useful for all kinds of things. So I made her a Lumpy cake. That is, a heffalump cake, not a lumpy cake!

She loved it!
(more on the butterfly part of the theme in the next post!)

For the family party I needed a more generally-acceptable cake design, as Laura shared the birthday party with my adult cousin.

I tried a Chocolate Coconut Cake with Chocolate Glaze from a Donna Hay book, and it was delicious! I'll make that one again!

For decoration I piled on some scorched peanuts, easy and such a good combo to eat!



Hill upon Hill said...

Oh, the cakes look good, but I really want to eat the choc coconut one!

Fiona said...

Oh it was just so yummy, the glaze was amazing ... then adding the crunch of the scorched peanuts ... can't wait to bake it again ...