Monday, November 29, 2010

Spring Blossoms

Here's another spring craft that I made a while ago and never got to show you ...

In September the blossoms in the neighbourhood were all but gone, but on blogs I was seeing lots of tissue paper leaves and blossoms! So I found a branch in the garden and with some pink tissue paper and some PVA glue I had myself a long-life blossom branch about 10 minutes later!

At Big W in the Christmas section I found these cute little birdies and they were perfect for my blossom branch.

But did you ever see pink blossoms like this AND gum nuts on the same branch?

This was a super easy but satisfying craft,
... next spring I'll make it again with the girls helping.

The little birdies have sat on our dining table for a few months now

... and for Laura's party moved to the vintage pedestal nearby

... but now it's time for some Christmas decorations!

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