Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hydrangeas at Christmastime

This summer our hydrangeas are thriving.

The heads are large and the colours beautiful.

I bought one inside and popped it in this old vase which suits hydrangeas so perfectly.

I made this candle a couple of years ago, and just love it, I must make some more ...

You can see our origami flowers are still going strong since making them two years ago (which turned out to be my most popular post once the images got onto Google images!)

Then today Jacqui dropped in with the perfect gifts
- a calico bag (with hydrangeas printed on it, as you can see!) and a
Keep Calm and Carry On book full of quotes.
I love them!

And look how well it looks by the real hydrangeas!
(the bloom still looks good a week after I cut it!)

And in case that wasn't enough hydrangeas for me, every time I walk past those little shelves
I see my as-yet unmounted Stampin' Up! stamps with a hydrangea!

Here you can see where the hydrangeas are growing in our yard,

the light is a bit strange,

because when I turned around I could see this:

1 comment:

Hill upon Hill said...

Wow, hydrangeas everywhere. Perhaps that is our snow?

You have combined things so beautifully. Really lovely.