Friday, June 10, 2011

Bakewell Slice Baked Well

Sometimes my husband is too good to me ...

Last Sunday I had a stressful day.

Drive to church.

After church, deliver a meal to another family who needed it. More driving.

Drive home.

Drive back alone to our minister's house for lunch and a meeting.

Too much driving and a few frustrating things happened along the way, too.

When I got home after church I was tense and annoyed, and the day was only half done

and I just wanted to stay home,

rather than drive for another 20 minutes back to where we have church.

But when I finally arrived home again at 4.00pm, Steve and Laura had baked!

They searched through the cookbooks to find something I could eat

(no chocolate ... no dried fruit ....)

and came up with Bakewell Slice!

Now I know from making Bakewell Tart that anything with the name Bakewell

is not the quickest and easiest recipe to make.

They used the food processor and the mixer.

But oh it was so good.

The almonds ... and the raspberry jam ... hmmm ...

It was so nice to sit down at last with a cup of tea and some slice.

And it stayed moist for days.

Not that it lasted that many days around here ...


. . .

Find the recipe here

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A Joyful Noise said...

I clicked on the words "Making Bakewell tart" and it took me to some delightful recipes including a chocolate cream and a trifle.

April @ The 21st Century Housewife said...

Oh yum! That Bakewell Slice looks so delicious. it would be perfect with a nice soothing cup of tea :)

Ann Kroeker said...

That looks SO good! I don't mind using a food processor and a mixer. I'm going to click through and find that recipe!

Thanks for linking to Food on Fridays!