Monday, October 1, 2012

A Long Weekend in the Garden

In Spring 

with the warm weather

I remember that we have a garden.

On Thursday I borrowed a stack of 

garden design books from the library,

and I've been poring over them,

my mind filling with plans.

Even my old gardening books have come out for an airing.  

On Saturday we enjoyed a family lunch

in my parents'-in-law's garden

(where our new trestle table and chairs worked a treat)

to celebrate my father-in-law's 85th birthday.

Sunday some of us weren't feeling so great,

so a quiet afternoon ...

Then this morning I decided that the murraya hedge 

couldn't go another day without a good trim

It's not perfect now, but as good as I can manage,

considering the obstacles.

And really, how long does one want to stand 

at the top of a wobbly old ladder on a public pathway?

Although I did get to chat with some friendly locals.

The celery I grew in a bowl 

is really growing at last.

And from one of the gardening books

I've been thinking again about focal points,

and axes ...

and the importance of having places for the eye to be drawn,

and so for now have moved a seat 

to this empty spot where the 

murrayas would never grow 

for some reason.


Tara Dillard says that a bench as a focal point 

always suggests repose,

even if it is never sat on.

One day I'll have a nicer bench there,

and perhaps an arch or pergola over it.

We had lunch on the verandah 

(another area I have plans for)

and played badminton in the front yard,

to the sound of the ukulele.

A good weekend.

And just as I was about to press "Publish" 
the doorbell rang,
some local relatives were walking by
and we invited them to stay for dinner.
I love spontaneous hospitality,
it's so stress-free!

An extra good weekend.


Hill upon Hill said...

A nice weekend. We also gardened.
I think your verhandah is a lovely spot, will be keen to see your plans.

simmone said...

I too have had the gardening books out,plotting and planning possible vistas and focal points for a herb garden.What is it about the start of spring?Your Banksia rose is looking gorgeous by the way.