Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspired by Bento

 Lately I'm inspired again by bento lunches. 

Here and here and here.

Up till now in our family lunchboxes have been a throw-together affair.

crackers (for morning tea)

one bread roll
little packet chips
apple (slinkied, lately)
treat (mostly from a packet - a milo bar, or mini cookies)

Pretty boring, but easy to make at the last minute. 
I would count the items and if there were five of them it was time to stop. 

But now that's all changed.
If I get organised the night before ...

... and if the components can fit into a divided lunchbox ....

... then it's bento all the way here!

These photos are of the best of the lunches
in the last fortnight.
Catering for one vegetarian daughter
and one temporarily gluten-free daughter
(both fussy eaters)
and making it all look appealing
is not easy!


Bungalowgirl said...

Well done, they look gorgeous. Love the musical notes. I find lunches to be so hard on low sal/amine diet for the kids, it same old every day at our place. mel x

simmone said...

Ha, I count items too! Lovely healthy lunches.Ditto on the musical notes.

Fiona said...

Yes Mel, I agree with you there about the low sal/low amine lunch options, very limited. For myself I usually go with toasted GF bread and pear jam (blah) and some variation of rice and four beans, celery, cashews .... And on good days some leftover dinner.... But that's at home. Packed lunch even more limited with GF and the other restrictions.

Lolly said...

Wow what an inspirational woman you are.
Love your lunch box ideas and presentation.
Your kids are so lucky and must really look forward
to their lunches each day.