Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Harps

Since November I've had a harp in the house.

A lovely little 30-string harp, 

on loan from a generous friend.

I've loved learning to play it,

picking out Irish tunes and adding accompaniment.

I even had some lessons!

But a month ago,

I bought a harp of my own!!

Something I had hoped for for years

but never really thought would happen.

The new harp,

besides being my very own,

is a step up from the borrowed harp,

being 34 strings rather than 30,

(less floor space needed 
and easier to play)

and a little larger 
(better for my back).

The strings are tighter,

less "twangy" than the smaller harp.

But I love them both.

And tonight I return the friend's harp.

So I thought I'd better take some photos 

to remember it by.

Stay "tuned" for more about my new harp.


Hill upon Hill said...

They are so beautiful... you probably 'lose' yourself when playing.

April Dunlap said...

I have a 14 year old daughter who is SO jealous! She began saving to purchase one just this January--it will take her quite awhile. They are so beautiful!
We came across your blog while researching Jane Austen party ideas for my 16 year old daughter's upcoming birthday party...all I can say is I think you would be FUN neighbors!
We are in the midst of making Regency bonnets and gowns and planning menus; I think we're even going to use the "Waiting for Mr. Bingley" idea. :)
Have a beautiful, blessed day!