Monday, February 25, 2013

Jewellery Organiser

In the last post I mentioned that

we painted our bedroom in January.

It's still not quite finished,

I need to paint the insides of the wardrobe,

and the window frame;

buy some new doorknobs and

eventually I'd like to have some new curtains

and a new quilt cover.

You can see the wall colour in these photos,

it's a soft grey-brown

called Limed White,

by Dulux.

Once the painting is really finished 

we'll get new carpet, too.

But one thing I did get done,

is a jewellery organiser.

Using materials that I already had,

and purchasing only upholstery pins,

it cost me around $5.00

(although I did buy a staple gun for around $20.00,

something I've been meaning to buy for a while)

If I had bought all the materials new

it would have cost about $50.00, I think.

The board is made of canite,

a soft material used for noticeboards.

Canite is ridiculously expensive these days.

This was an old piece my Dad gave me,

with plenty of pin holes and one squashed corner.

I had some cotton drill in a light grey

 that tones with the wall colour

and the ribbons were left over I think from my

first Jane Austen costume.

It was simply a matter of stapling the fabric 

over the board, and then measuring out the spacing for the ribbon

and attaching them with the upholstery pins.

I hang my earrings on the ribbon,

organised by colour.

Below the earring section

I put some pins in for necklaces,

only pushing them part-way in.

I'm loving having my jewellery accessible 

and on display.

And hanging on a picture hook 

behind the door, it's something I can easily 

change in future if necessary..

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Simmone C said...

Lovely organizer,I've been wanting to do something like this for daughter's birthday coming up.She seems to like a tangled mess. Have also been enjoying you holiday pics, looks like a lovely spot to walk and Happy Birthday to no.1 daughter. Time flies!