Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scarf Weather

The weather has turned cool

and it's scarf weather.

Time for wearing a scarf

or for crocheting one.

Using Heirloom 8ply Cotton

 Something to look forward to on cool nights 

while watching Gilmore Girls 

for the fourth or fifth time ...

... and something to remind me

of all the rainbows we saw 

in Tasmania. 


Hill upon Hill said...

That is nice. I have been practising chain stitch and am going to make a dishcloth. I could make a scarf couldn't I?

Justjen said...

Beautiful colours, it's just starting to get a bit chilly in Bris, can't wait, it feels like it's been Summer for 9 months :-)

Coal Valley View said...

Hi Fiona,

What a lovely scarf! I've never used cotton before but really want to give it a go.

Mel x

PS Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog :-)

Fiona said...

Thanks all, I've added some more colours now, and will post again soon!