Friday, May 3, 2013

Tasmania - Launceston

First in a series from our Tasmanian trip.

In which I will probably record 

more than you want to know,

just for our own record.


We left Sydney on an overcast day,

but the clouds cleared over Bass Strait and we flew

over Tasmania in brilliant sunshine,

low enough to see the details,

I could even almost pick out our accommodation

in Launceston.

We picked up our rental car and headed for the city,

where we were amazed by the 

Victorian architecture everywhere.

We just couldn't believe we were

finally on holiday

and in Tasmania!

Launceston is a beautiful city.

Although I have to confess that we got lost

every time we headed out in the car.

Those one-way streets were too much for us,

we spent much time driving round and round 

trying to reach our destinations.

One of our favourite destinations was the City Park.

We visited in the late afternoon

and had the whole park almost to ourselves.

We loved the open spaces, 

the variety of trees and ornaments

and the cool autumn sunshine.

A beautiful way to start our holiday.

 Because we visited the park

so late that day

we missed seeing the monkeys,

so we visited again before leaving Launceston:

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