Thursday, June 20, 2013


As I mentioned in my last post,

Laura has been suffering from migraines,

visual problems, tiredness and nausea 

increasingly in the last 6 months or so.

The photo above was taken months ago

before things got really bad.

On Tuesday we had our much-awaited

visit to the doctor, 

hoping for some answers.

And we got some!

Laura is gluten-intolerant.

In fact, her RAST result for gluten

was the highest the (very experienced) doctor has ever seen!

The doctor hopes that by going gluten-free

Laura can see an end to daily headaches,

visual snow, trouble reading

and nausea.

She's also getting some vitamin compounds 

made up to deal with a zinc/B6 deficiency,

which should in time mean that

life is much calmer for Laura (and us!),

and Vitamin D drops have been prescribed 

to deal with a Vitamin D deficiency.

If this all goes to plan Laura might one day

be bursting with energy, instead of

being tired every, single, morning.

* * *

I'm trying not to get too excited

at the possibility of "fixing"

every problem I've noticed over the years,

but things do look hopeful!

The last few years have been hard

with some unwelcome behaviours

causing problems.

I always felt there was something 

behind it all, and now we have some answers,

or at least some clear theories and direction.

Laura has been off gluten for two days now,

we're not sure when we might see improvements,

but the doctor did say it would be 6 months before 

her body really settles down.

I'm thankful that I already know

all about gluten-free eating

 ... now it's just a waiting game ...

I'm proud that Laura is taking on these changes

maturely and without complaint 

(so far ;-)

Love you, Laura!


Hill upon Hill said...

Can I have a bentoo box too please?

Amanda said...

I'm glad you've found some answers and I hope your daughter notices some real improvement soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog today x