Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Love

It was my birthday on Monday,

and I was totally spoilt! 

Firstly a few weeks ago I was given

a gorgeous retro apron

by my aunt.

With a ruffle and all.

My parents took me out for morning tea

on the day, where I indulged in some

foods I normally wouldn't eat.


They gave me some kitchen tools

I've been eyeing for a while.

A Vegie twist 

(for making curly carrots)

And a cookie press.

Plus some other goodies.

Then my friends Tanya and Fiona

took me out for lunch,

a delicious lunch 

(gluten-free burger & chips!!)

and good company.

I finally got to taste my first macaron, 

since I was splurging a bit, diet-wise!

Tanya gave me another retro apron!
With a pom-pom trim!

I'll try and model both my gorgeous aprons soon,

when I've ironed them and am wearing a dress!

Tanya also gave me a birthday book

which will no doubt help me 

spread more birthday love around.

Fiona gave me some very pretty tea towels 

- too pretty for the dishes??

My friend Catherine gave me this sign,

which I think will be perfect somewhere in our kitchen.

Steve was home (Laura had a migraine)

and he baked me the yummiest 

Caramel Pear Upside-Down Cake

which we enjoyed for afternoon tea.

He gave me some lovely CDs

and some cashew and nougat treats,

a booklight, 

and something is still to come in the mail.

Loving having another 

Cary Lewincamp CD to enjoy ...

 Emily gave me two eggcups,

something I was wanting

(Laura and I often have boiled eggs 

for breakfast these days).

Steve cooked dinner while I taught piano,

it was delicious, 

and we had a game of Blockus afterwards,

a good evening together.

Jacqui dropped in this morning with this lovely book

full of lovely antiques and country scenes

just gorgeous and ever so restful ...

plus these sweet hairpins she bought in Canberra.

This lovely jewellery box and earrings came 

in the mail from Steve's sister.


And if all that wasn't enough,

other family members have given me

cash and an iTunes voucher to spend.

I'm very thankful 

for such loving family and friends.

My birthday was a perfect break

in the middle of what I am 

finding to be a very trying time.

I guess one of my love languages 

must be "gifts" after all,

because I sure am feeling the love!


Amy at love made my home said...

You have some lovely family and friends who are very good present buyers, especially love the earrings and the aprons. I bet that you will have lots of fun wearing them. How lovely to be so spoilt. Sounds like you had a really great day. Happy Belated Birthday!

Fiona said...

Thanks Amy, yes I do have wonderful friends and family!

Hill upon Hill said...

Yes feel the from God; visually evident in friends and family here on earth.

simmone said...

Belated Birthday wishes, love your new aprons and thoughtful goodies. Where would we be without good friends? Hope your daughter is feeling a lot better.