Friday, February 28, 2014

This week : : Thinking

This week I've been thinking about ...

food : : wanting to be more organised, more frugal and more adventurous
but having to balance that with my food intolerances 
and whatever else is going on in my life (stress, tiredness)
Laura has at last shown an interest in healthy eating
and now the pressure is on for me to provide healthy (gf/vegetarian) school lunches.
Something I've been hoping for, but now lunches require more planning
than throwing together a PB&J sandwich.

Today I bought this cookbook,
and am looking forward to trying some of the recipes (with some adjustments).
This cold and rainy weather is perfect for planning some slowcooked casseroles.
Since I decluttered the kitchen bench and the pantry recently 
I've definitely felt more interest in cooking.

harp : : trying to get those fingers of mine just right
figuring out how harp playing fits into my life
getting to know and understand my harp teacher better.

clothes : : inspired by my recently decluttered kitchen bench and pantry,
am now trying to work towards a more minimalist wardrobe.
But finding that I own more clothes by the end of this week
than I did at the beginning - oops! Shopping tends to do that.
Hopefully my new purchases will at least make for a more coordinated wardrobe.
This thrifted t-shirt was one of my favourite finds at just $5.00.

grace & love : : thoughts chugging away behind the everyday
becoming slowly more aware of God's endless and undeserved love
poured out on we who believe in Him
- a constant theme in books and sermons and discussions at the moment.

thinking about thinking : : isn't it strange that even in a busy week of ups and downs
we can make so many plans, develop ideas and educate ourselves in many directions?
Apparently we think 70 000 thoughts per day.
Sometimes it's good to step back and see where all those thoughts have taken you,
maybe far from where you started.
Hoping good plans are growing in your life too.

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