Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Dewdrops on the banksia rose leaves this morning.
The first good thing of the day.
Up till then, things had been pretty painful.

Laura has spent much time like this of late.
Crocheting upstairs on her bed, with her ipod playing music or a movie.
And it's been productive:

... she's made 25 squares, last I heard.

But we're still dealing with the same issues as last year.
Anxiety, headaches, nausea, missed school, tempers, frustations.
It's no fun.
And the stress of all that has led to more health problems for me.
We're seeing a new chiropractor,
so now I'm taking all this each morning 

and will be working through some pent-up emotions
in coming weeks, with a view to loosening up muscles
and living a more pain-free life.

On top of that I'm trying to deal with catering for yet another diet,
as Laura has gone off dairy and sugar (her two favourite things),
and make sure Laura takes her supplements (her least favourite things).

So, finding some silver dewdrops outlining the leaves 
on a rogue stem shooting over our verandah
 was a good thing, this morning.

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Amy at love made my home said...

I am sending you love and good thoughts and a big hug too. xx