Wednesday, July 2, 2014

By the waterside

Yesterday we had another picnic, this time at the lovely
Mortlock Reserve at Tunks Park, Cammeray.

We couldn't take our eyes off the blue of the sky and the bay,
and the green of foliage.

And there was plenty of animal life too, 
with pelicans, and plenty of dogs being walked
(I've never seen so many professional dog-walkers, or been 
surprised by so many dogs running under my park bench before).

It wasn't a perfect picnic, despite the stunning location.
Some of us were a bit cranky (ok, that was me)
and Laura's and my GF pizzas had to be abandoned as
the bases (from a packet) were off, leaving us somewhat hungry,
despite munching on chips and peanuts, and later, afternoon tea.
A barge was being unloaded of rubbish 
into a noisy truck at the wharf for hours.
Laura's foot still hurts from her friction burn over two weeks ago,
limiting her willingness to take long walks.

No, not perfect.

But, it was good to get out, to see more of our beautiful city,
and enjoy the (sometime) serenity. 
I'm loving looking at the photos today,
and the tense, not-so-perfect moments can be forgotten
in looking at the still water, the sunshine and the reflections.

Besides, that's what family life is like, isn't it?
Taking the good and the not-so-good,
in beautiful surroundings and not-so-pretty,
but sticking together, being patient and loving and forgiving,
no matter what.


Amy at love made my home said...

It looks like a beautiful spot, but I appreciate that pictures don't tell the whole story! Hopefully you will indeed forget the less good bits and just remember the beautiful blue skies and the clear water and think of that instead!! It is good how time passes and we only remember the best bits. xx

Anonymous said...

Love the NO OTHER NAME in the sky. That was from the Hillsong Conference happening at that time in Sydney and that was the theme of the Conference. Well done!

Fiona said...

Yes we realised that! As the plane started writing we all had the "No Other Name" song playing in our heads, but had to google to realise it was also a Hillsong Conference.