Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Card designs for men

It's always hard to design cards for men, I find.
Here are the three cards I made for the fathers in our lives.
The one above was for my Dad, using the new Stampin' Up Flower Patch stamp set in a geometric way.
It reminds me of a peacock, or an American Indian headdress.

This one was for Steve, using some stickers I found a few years ago.
Oh, how I love these stickers, so much fun.
I stuck two little robots on to represent our girls, and stamped a few circle
designs randomly on the background. The bright colours really make this card pop.

This card for Steve's Dad was from my stash, I made it a while back,
not sure if I've shown it before. It features some Memory Box dies.

So there you go, three ideas for men - geometric, robots and nature designs.

Do you make your own cards?


Alysa said...

These are all so great! The robot card is such a classic. I make my own cards for my husband, dad, etc. Sometimes I take a blank card and just place a few strips of washi tape over the front.

Fiona said...

Washi tape is great for that ...